iPhone App Design & Development

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Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

iPhone Application for your business

iPhone release has revolutionised our interaction with cell phones and now software development for this smart gadget is changing the way we run a business as well. Entrepreneurs who approached us with their unique iPhone app idea have already benefited from our cooperation moving their businesses to the next level. Our developers design sleek and feature-rich software using all the advantages of iOS system and iPhone capabilities. App designers customise software to your company needs matching your vision and expectations.
iPhone app for your customers
Bespoke iPhone app design services can help you to deliver your target audience a new form of interaction with you. We ensure you an intuitive and eye-catching user interface design with elaborate easy-to-use navigation to engage your customers with its interactivity. iPhone application will enable you to be available 24/7 not only reaching your loyal customers but also potential ones. This is an excellent way to advertise your business in the mobile world. A well-designed iPhone software will enhance your relationships with customers by means of relevant information and empowering functionality.
iPhone potential is huge and keeps growing with every new update of iOS and hardware. Today’s iOS devices designed to be not a usual phone but a powerful and multifunctional tool that significantly simplifies your life and work. We design custom software for business and can implement functionality that:
  • Optimise internal workflow and intercommunication;
  • Create a new point of sales;
  • Safely store, process, and share mission-critical data;
  • Make your business mobile and provide access to work from anywhere.
Modern information technologies enable almost anything you can think of. A proper iPhone app designed by a professional team of developers can make a huge difference to the way you and your staff work and help you get ahead of your rivals.
Our aim is to create a software product that not just looks good, but a tool that fulfils important functions making your application a must-have one.

Our Services

What we do
We offer a full range of iPhone app development services designing your software solution from scratch. Our aim is to create a software product that not just looks good and nice-to-have, but a tool that fulfils functions making your application a must-have one.
Our services includes:
  • App idea validation and mobile consultancy;
  • Market research;
  • Wireframing;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Development;
  • QA-testing;
  • Maintenance and support.
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Our software design agency strives to cater all your requirements and in order to get it done our team uses the proven agile methodology practising Scrum, Crystal and other methods. Such iterative and flexible approach provides some advantages:
  • Less documentation and more productivity - app designers deliver a working program in early stage of development;
  • Regular customer’s feedback on the delivered results helps reduce overall risk ensuring that custom software meets the requirements;
  • Opportunity to make changes in mobile strategy and implements new features throughout the development life cycle adapting project to evolving customers’ needs;
  • Quick time to market without any quality loss.
Program’s layout design is as important as writing a code for it. The design should be simple, and at the same time interactive. App design from its icon to the user interface should appeal to end users and provide the intuitive user experience. It will help engage your customers, stay longer in the app, and come back to it again and again.
Our designer put end users in the centre. We study your target audience and their expectations and this knowledge help us to build a software solution that not only attracts users attention but retains them converting into loyal customers.
Our design team also carefully study your business, industry, and values to implement your brand identity smoothly in your app interface starting with business logo integration to industry image visualisation. This improve brand recognition, and in combination with excellent design and good performance it also increase your brand awareness and user’s satisfaction.
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iOS Design Specifications

Apple company has certain standards to design that help them to be different. They strongly recommend app designers to keep to these standards. Designing your app, we also consider Apple recommendations which add some gloss to your application and increase its chances to be approved by Apple during a submitting review.

  • Clarity. We design app preserving legible text throughout the program, lucid icons that send users a message about their role. Design should be clear and without affectations. It should focus on functionality with subtle visual elements highlighting important content.
  • Deference. UI design should help people interact with content not compete with it. The content should be paramount while the interface - light and airy.
  • Depth. Designing distinct visual layers we can convey hierarchy and provide a better understanding.Touch and discoverability help to access application functionality without losing context. A sense of depth creates a feeling of involvement in your application.

iOS provides a number of tools and technologies that enable app designers to use all the capabilities of the platform ensuring native design and presence of certain advantages that distinguish iPhones from other smartphones. Among such tools, we can name Xcode’s Interface Builder and such framework as UIkit. These tools allow designing a user interface from scratch customising it to your personal preferences and implementing some well-known to users icons, standard fonts preserving consistency. So your app looks unique and at the same time it meets users expectations. An integration of familiar and predictable elements helps users to navigate your app and make them feel like they are in control of it. Such effect creates a certain credibility.

How to Reach a Greater Interactivity?
  • Through the implementation of fluid motion and vibrant animation, app designers create an interactive and crisp interface adding a feeling of connectivity between people and content. Visualised results of user’s activity in your iPhone program enhance their involvement and positive users’ feedback. Intuitivity, realism, and some predictability make UI easy-to-use and hence engaging.
  • Apple’s multidimensional display touch create a feeling of depth allowing users to perform some actions in your app without launching. Designing shortcuts enabling features you want to be available without launching our team will help your customers to save time and work with your program in the more efficient way. You can empower your customers and employees allowing them to preview messages, reply to notifications, search within your app, etc.
  • Your iPhone application should keep people informed; it should let users know that it processes their commands. We ensure that your program will provide perceptible feedback to every user action. Interactive elements such as links, buttons and others can be highlighted or pressed when they are tapped, if an operations take a long time users should see progress indicators of the operation status, additional animation and sound will be a good way to identify the results of action. Immediate and visible results of users’ actions is an important aspect of app design that creates a feeling of better performance.
Proficiency in iPhone app development

A right iPhone software will help you to become more visible in the mobile world and improve your relationships with customers but also empower you and your employees with powerful iOS functionality. To realise this robust functionality software designers and developers should obtain exceptional technical skills and knowledge that can be enhanced with years of experience. Our iOS team translates the most challenging ideas into high-functioning software for iPhones using top-notch technologies. We regularly update our expertise getting acquainted with the most recent innovations, visiting IT conferences and meetups, sharing the experience with other software developers.

Our Coding Expertise

iOS is the most stable and invulnerable platform what makes it so efficient for business people. Designing a native iPhone app can be possible only if software developers have enough expertise in working with iOS Integrated Development Environment (IDE), special programming languages and frameworks. Our skills and experience allow us to use iOS programming tools benefiting from the operating system, speeding the design process, and preserving a good quality of the end product.

  • Our software designers are well-versed in both Objective-C and Swift programming languages. Objective-C was the primary coding language for iOS software before the release of Apple’s Swift which is easier to read and maintain and requires less coding. Objective-C still has some advantages, and our programmers can use both of them.
  • The usage of the latest version of Xcode (IDE) helps app designers to find and eliminate bugs even in the static code. Such seamless process of development and debugging allows our team to provide you fast and high-quality results.
  • iOS Frameworks provide developers with a fundamental structure which helps to simplify the code, increase the downloading speed of the app, provide greater functionality, and achieve better design efficiency.
Quality Assurance (QA)

We are not satisfied with a program that just works. We strive for the software that performs its functions perfectly well. Our quality assurance (QA) experts analyse your task looking for pitfalls and potential challenges with the aim to find how to solve all the arising difficulties and prevent them. Throughout the development process, we run performance, security, load and stress tests and many others to achieve the results that exceed your expectations. High quality is a thing that ensures that your investment will bring you ROI and meet your goals.

Implementation of the latest Apple innovations

Our iOS developers and designers strive to keep up with all the Apple innovations that can improve our services and deliver exciting software to our customers. One of the examples of such innovation is App Thinning with Slicing, Bitcode and On-demand resources. All together these components help software designers to:

  • Optimise your software for the App Store;
  • Reduce storage space required for the app;
  • Increase software load speed;
  • Automate app re-optimisation to iOS updates.