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We are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

In 2010, we founded a software company with the main focus on Apple development leveraging the iOS platform and Apple’s technologies. For seven years we have been working with multiple industry verticals delivering superior software products and user experience. Among our customers, you can find ambitious startups, innovative small companies, and big enterprises who are looking for qualitative changes. Our development team gained extensive experience not only in different industries and business sectors but also in understanding customers’ needs and customers’ expectation. That is why we would like to assure you that our team delivers results that meet initial requirements and reach desired goals.

iOS Expertise

We love Apple products and its operating system for their stability, security and ever-evolving capabilities. iOS offers more opportunities than any other platform to deliver world-class applications with robust functionality and stunning user experience. Among our customers, you can find ambitious startups, innovative small companies, and big enterprises who are looking for qualitative changes.That is why we would like to assure you that our team delivers results that meet initial requirements and reach desired goals. We are always up to date with the newest trends and have enough time to explore them, test and integrate into our development process making sure that our customers receive top-notch software solutions.

iPhone applications
We learned to deliver unique mobile experience via bespoke software solutions for iPhones. Experienced and trained development team translates the most challenging app ideas into working programs ensuring high usability, excellent performance and great user experience. We can help you to promote your business more efficiently, enhance customer relationships, and empower your staff to work remotely entering the mobile market with engaging and interactive iOS app for iPhones. We will be happy to assist you in making these smart devices even more powerful and reliable. Tell us about your requirements, and we will tailor the app to your needs.
iPad Software
Building software for iPads isn’t the same as for iPhones, and we know it more than anybody else. The large Retina screen of this mobile device provides greater usability and possibilities for work and entertainment. Our development team has significant expertise in how to arrange the interface layout in an intuitive and convenient manner benefiting from the available space but eliminating crowding. We will help you to take advantage of its multitasking functionality enabling your app to work efficiently in Split View, Slide Over, and Picture-in-picture modes ensuring that the app looks good in both landscape and portrait orientations. iPad is a powerful device that can optimise the workflow of your managers and increase the productivity with the right software solution. If you are interested in such solution, get in touch and share your requirements.
Apple Watch complement
Apple devices keep surprising us with their efficiency, and since the release of watchOS, we started to explore it looking for the way to help our customers utilise its usability. We know how to change app behaviour ensuring that it will present program’s full interface in an effective manner providing convenience in usage and intuitivity. We can divide the UI design in multiple screens with custom content and ensure sophisticated interaction and navigation model. Entrust us to incorporate complications and notifications making the mission-critical information immediately available and easily accessible making your app more visible and user experiences more streamlined.
We are certificated members of Apple Developer Program who have access to all Apple development tools and technologies. This membership also includes the possibility to submit apps to the store, make the app available for testing for up to 2,000 testers before its release, get the latest betas, and have access to the extensive app analytics.

Apple Development Tools

Apple’s IDE
We have leveraged the latest updates of Xcode IDE, Apple’s Integrated Development Environment, getting access to its Editor Extension, renewed Interface Builder, Runtime Issue and many other features which accelerate the development process ensuring quick time to market and reduced development costs.
Programming languages
iOS developers should know at least one of the Objective-C and Swift programming languages to write a code for iOS platform in Xcode environment. Our team members have knowledge of both of them helping bespoke software products to take advantage of the one which is able to give it the most during the development. We started Apple development activity with Objective-C and were happy to get acquainted with Apple’s Swift when it was released. Now we use both of them writing core functionality for IT solutions.
Frameworks and APIs (application programming interfaces) which let to access frameworks capabilities streamline the development process and let developers utilise device capabilities and native functionality. The skill to incorporate them seamlessly into the program architecture plays a huge role in building app functionality, and we can ensure you that our developers know how to deal with it implementing required features and benefiting from all the available capabilities of the operating system and devices.
Be on a cutting-edge
We strive to build engaging and interactive Apple solutions which meet your needs and requirements. To provide you with a cutting-edge application, our designers and programmers keep exploring and implementing new technologies and tools. Prompt attention to new Apple releases helps us to be the leading software development company which specialises in iOS software solutions. Software experts and skilled programmers ensure that we provide you with a high-quality, readable code that meets universal standards.
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    Aesthetic Coherence
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Apple is known to be a strict reviewer, but as professional iOS developers, we will do our best ensuring seamless submission. The design team starts the development following iOS Human Interface Guidelines meeting high expectations for the app quality and functionality. According to the Apple software engineers, clarity, deference, and depth are the three main themes which distinguish iOS from the other platforms and should be considered during the development of the bespoke software for this operating system. iOS developers should keep it in mind working with the system and translating its values to the software solutions they create. Adhering to these themes, our app designers ensure that text is legible at every size, all visual elements are precise, lucid and appropriate. The design should be affected by the program functionality highlighting the important content. A user interface is supposed to help people to interact with the program, not to compete with its content. While distinct visual layers facilitate the understanding conveying the hierarchy.

We design apps ensuring that its look and behaviour is consistent with its functionality. Putting emphasis on the paramount elements, design team implements proper engagement and interactivity. If the program is developed to facilitate people’s productivity, its design will present subtle, unobtrusive graphics, predictable behaviour and standard controls ensuring that users stay focused on task performing functionality. When the app’s focus is entertainment or promotion, the design team delivers a captivating appearance and interactive visual elements making sure that product is recognisable and engaging.

Exploring new program people are likely to leave it if it causes only frustration, that is why app developers implement familiar standards and paradigms. Familiarity can be achieved via the incorporation of the system-provided interface elements, standard text styles, and uniform terms. The development team build apps incorporating behaviours and visuals in ways people expect smoothing the first acquaintance with the app making it intuitive, consistent and user-friendly. We ensure program respond to the direct manipulations of onscreen content enhancing understanding and engaging people. This response provides visible results of users’ actions and delivers consistent app experience.

It is important to implement feedback not only on direct manipulations but on all user’s actions which demonstrates the results and keep people informed. Designers highlight interactive elements when they tapped, communicate the status of long-running operations with progress indicators, use animation to clarify the results of the operation, etc. These tricks help the program to demonstrate the user that it is working and processing his actions right now, otherwise, people may think that it is too slow or not working at all.

Apple’s products have the most provide robust functionality which can be accessed with the help of bespoke applications tailored to your needs. With strong iOS developers, our company integrates the latest iOS features ensuring amazing user experience and powerful functionality.

If you want to enable secure, private, and hassle-free payment operations via your iOS and watchOS applications, the development team can integrate a payment feature using Apple-provided API. The payment for physical goods and services delivering quickly and easy authorises using Touch ID and credentials. Apple Pay safely store payment data on the device taking care of the hassle related to this operation.

Unlike Apple Pay, the development of the app with in-app purchases functionality lets program owners sell virtual goods, such as subscriptions and access to the premium content and features. Our team can help you to monetise a software solution letting the users pay for digital products contained within the app. We design an incorporated shopping experience making sure that people are not confused entering it, present the virtual goods in a laconic but visually rich manner, and make sure that user receives the confirmation alert.

For those programs where customer content and data should be accessible from any Apple device, iCloud functionality can be utilised by users letting them access their photos, videos, documents and other files from any iOS device without performing sync operations. The service makes the content transparent ensuring that people always get the latest versions of the files. During the development of the app, programmers can make sure that users will be aware of this functionality informing them about from the beginning of their work with the software.

We can integrate the app with Siri enabling people to perform tasks with a spoken command and questions. It may be an initiation of some actions, a search of the features and content, sending and requesting payments, booking, and doing many other things with voice control. Due to Siri’s capabilities to handle language processing and semantic analysis, we know how to help your program to define the supported tasks ensuring responsiveness and convenience in the usage.

Promote your app, brand and services with social media functionality. iOS simplified the integration of social media interactions into the bespoke mobile programs during the development. It allows content sharing and displaying an activity feed and streamlines the registration procedure enabling log in via existing social account without requiring authentication.