Magazine Apps

Let me introduce BAF Publications. Here we offer High Quality Magazine Publishing Service at Lowest Cost in the Internet.

Why Magazines are very hot?

* There are Millions of Apple iPads, Android Tablets and Amazon Users. But there are ONLY 5000 or less Newsstand Magazines.

* Users are willing to pay to download and read Magazines which can address their problems.

* If you give away your Magazine FREE, you can still make money using Advertisements.

* There are multiple ways to monetize Magazines including Flipping the Magazines.

Our Magazine Publication Includes:

1. Choosing Magazine Niche, Name and Theme (Worth $200): Once you place order, we will discuss with you to choose Niche, Name and Theme for the Magazine. In case, if you already have a print version of Magazine, we can convert it into a Apple iTunes Newsstand, Amazon Kindle and Android Magazine.

2. Professional Cover Page Designing (Worth $200): We will design a Professional Cover Page for your Magazine.

3. Content: (Worth $200): We will add appropriate content, images, videos & quotes.

4. Template/Theme (Worth $200): We use Unique Template/Theme for your Magazine.

5. Versions: (Worth $800) We will give you 4 versions of Magazines. Apple iTunes Newsstand, Android, Amazon Kindle (as e-book) and Amazon Kindle Fire App.

6. Monthly Issues (Worth $300): We will publish your Magazine?s issue every month with fresh content.

You need NOT do anything to create, design and publish your own magazine.

Let Us Compare Our Service With Others:

* We Do Everything For You. But They Will Just Tell You What To Do. Those Tasks Are Time Consuming, Tedious And Confusing.

* We Charge A Fraction Of Their Fee. But They Charge Several Times Higher Fee.

* We Publish The Magazines In Your Own Accounts And You Will Be The Only Person To Own And Control Everything. But They Publish Your Magazine Under Their Account And They Can Take Control Over Your Magazine Anytime.

* We Don’t Insist You To Continue Using Our Service. If You Don?t Use Our Service, The Magazines Will Be Available In App Stores For Users To Download. But They Will Insist That You Must Continue Using Their Service, If Not Your Magazines Won?t Be Live On App Stores.

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